Every Move Of A Christian Is A Fight

Every Move Of A Christian Is A Fight

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417 Let’s add to our faith these things, then, that we might come in the full stature of Christ; being joined together with godly love, fear of God, reverence in our heart to one another, deep respect to one another, brotherly and sisterly kindness, never vulgarity, nothing but just the purity of Holy Ghost living. See? Live together, be a Christian. Walk with faith. Let the virtue of God flow through you; let the knowledge of God, when it comes to right and wrong. When the devil presents something that’s not exactly Scriptural, walk away from it. That’s right.

418 I can imagine them apostles never acted liked us. They went around, probably men of few words, till they got in the pulpit. They walked in and they done what they was supposed to do, and walked out. Yes, sir. They had power. They had virtue. They had no arguments with men. They know where they stood. That’s all. They know who they believed. They kept on walking in the Spirit. Doing only…

419 Just as I said the other night. One little nod, that’s all God had to do, then nothing going to stop them. They didn’t question and study, and hum-haw and worry like we do, whether they should do this or that. They went ahead and done it, anyhow. Just one little nod from God, that done it, just as soon. Why? How could they know it was a nod from God? They had all these virtues in here, all these qualifications. And the first little nod of God compared with every bit of this, and with His Word. They knowed it was the Word of God, and away they went. Didn’t have to worry about nothing else. When God spoke, they went. We speak…

420 God speaks to us, and we’ll say, “Well, we’ll start off. We’ll see if we can live this Life.” First thing you know, somebody upsets you. Well, sure, that’s the devil.

421 You ought to seen him trying to keep me away from this meeting this morning. You ought to have that one time. Oh, mercy! I have to fight every time I mention a meeting. And if I’m going to pray for a sick, and somebody dying and not saved, there’ll be thirty calls come in in ten minutes, if they can get that fast, to keep me from it. “Oh, Brother Branham, you got to do this.” But there’s a soul at stake. Sure. Yeah.

422 Other night, I was called to a place. A young man, I talked to him down here in the what-you-call-it, supermarket, few years ago. He become an alcoholic. I knowed the boy, a good fine boy, but he was a sinner. And so his mother called. I think she called Doc a couple times. I…Called, and they called Billy, and—and finally I got the message. And when I got the message, honest to goodness, I never had so much fight in my life, to get to that boy.
62-1014M – The Stature Of A Perfect Man
Rev. William Marrion Branham


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    Though the Promise is Yours…You have to Fight for it
    Thank you

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