“Let me go into a person’s house, and let me see what kind of music they listen to; let me see what kind of books they read and what kind of songs they sing and what kind of pictures they have in their house. I can just about tell you what the nature of that person is.”59
  We are living in a vibrating universe. Each individual voice and instrument produces stones, which vibrate at an established frequency. As those frequencies reach our ears they cause our eardrums to vibrates in the same pattern as source of the sound, thus allowing us to identify it. This acoustical principle is referred to as sympathetic vibration-the ability of one’s body to cause another body to vibrate in sympathy with it.60
   We can apply the principle of sympathetic vibration to our musical natures as well. In order for music to ‘speak’ to us, it must respond sympathetically to something that is within our being. It must vibrate to the same frequency as our emotions. In other words, a person responds to the music which he is attuned, and conversely, the kind of music he produces reveals what he is.
  So, let’s get personal. What does your music say about you? Does the water around you feel a little warmer now than it did at the beginning of this article? If so, then maybe it’s time for you to change your tune.
   Did you know that the Bible makes more references to a ‘new song’ than it does to a ‘new man,’ ‘new heavens,’ ‘new earth,’ or ‘new creature’? 61 and that means new in kind, not just in sequence. A new song can only be sung by those who have been redeemed through the Blood of Jesus Christ.
  In the past, the Devil may have tried to trick you into believing that music is neither moral or immoral. He may even have mislead you into thinking that the Message of Christ can be preached effectively through rock music. Don’t yield to Satan’s deceptions any longer. May your testimony be like that of the Psalmist David:
  “And He have put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God; many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the Lord.”