In The Light Of The Holy Bible

There is only one Lord, one Faith and ONE BAPTISM (Eph. 4:5) There is only ONE BIBLE WAY to be baptized. Have you been baptized right?

WATER – “Can any man forbid WATER that these should not be baptized?” (Acts 10:47)


MUCH WATER – “John also was baptizing at Aenon because ‘there was MUCH WATER there.’

  (St. John3:23)


INTO THE WATER – “And they went both down INTO THE WATER both Phillip and the Eunuch; And he baptized him.” (Acts 8:39)


OUT OF THE WATER – They came up OUT OF THE WATER” (Acts 8:39)


BURIED IN WATER – “We are BURIED with Him by BAPTISM into death.” (Rom. 6:4)


PALNTED IN WATER – We have been PLANTED together in the likeness of His Death,” (Rom.6:5)



Jesus said. “He that believeth and is BAPTIZED shall be SAVED.” (Mark 16:16) Peter said, there wereEight saved by water in Noah’s time, ”the like figure whereunto even BAPTISM doth also nowSAVE US. The answer (response) of a good (repented) conscience toward God.” (1Peter3:20-21)

Peter having the keys to the kingdom said, “Repent and be BAPTIZED EVERYONE OF YOU in the name of Jesus Christ for the REMISSION of SIN. – (ACTS 2:38) Since BAPTISM is important to salvation and that IMMERSION and not SPRINKLING is the BIBLE method, don’t you think you should be baptized right Before is too late?

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